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The comments stored in the image are shown at the bottom of the Main View window. Select 'Edit Comments...' from the 'Edit' menu to add or edit the comments. The same comment can be applied to all images in the directory by clicking on the 'Apply to all' button in the 'Edit Comments' dialog. In thumbnail mode the comment is applied to the selected images.


Tokens can be used to add information from the shooting data or IPTC data to a comment e.g. use @time@ to insert the time the image was token, @iso@ for the ISO setting, @model@ for the camera model name, @IPTC_caption@ for the IPTC caption. This is particularly useful if you need to add information from the shooting data to a batch of images. The tokens are the same as used for HTML generation.

Note: To add data to an existing comment use @caption@ to copy the existing comment e.g. to prefix existing comments with the time you could use "@time@: @caption@".


The default behavior is for BreezeBrowser Pro to use the EXIF UserComment tag to store comments, but there is also an option to use the IPTC caption instead. This has the advantage that comments can be added to any JPEG, TIFF or Canon raw file and are not limited to 256 characters. To select IPTC captions in preference to EXIF comments see preference settings.



1.BreezeBrowser Pro does not use a database and all comments are stored within the images themselves (in the EXIF data for JPEGs and the CIFF data for Canon raw files).
2.Comments in Canon images are limited to 256 characters. Images from other digital cameras may only allow fewer characters e.g. Olympus images are limited to 118 characters.
3.BreezeBrowser Pro uses the EXIF UserComment tag to store comments. Some digital cameras use the ImageDescription tag instead and BreezeBrowser Pro can use this if the UserComment tag is not present.
4.BreezeBrowser Pro will only write comments to an image if it already contains an EXIF UserComment or ImageDescription tag. This is in contrast to other applications which create a new tag if necessary but this often has the side-effect of corrupting the MakerNote section of the EXIF data. Comments can be added to any JPEG, TIFF or Canon raw file if IPTC captions are selected in preference to EXIF comments.
5.BreezeBrowser Pro always writes comments using ASCII, but it is also able to read UNICODE comments provided they consist of 16-bit ASCII characters.