Copying EXIF data

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EXIF data can be copied from images in the current directory to similarly named JPEG or TIFF files in another directory. This is useful if you start with a raw file, convert it to TIFF and edit it before finally saving it as a JPEG. It can also be used to add EXIF info to the JPEGs used for HTML pages. Select "EXIF copy..." from the Tools menu to copy EXIF data.




1.Normally EXIF data is only copied to similarly named files e.g. CRW_0001.CRW to CRW_0001.JPG. To allow EXIF data to be copied to HTML images it will also copy the data to files with the _std suffix e.g. CRW_0001.CRW to crw_0001_std.jpg.
2.Select the option to "Allow partial file name matches" to match any file name which has the same base as the source files
e.g. the source file IMG_1234.JPG will copy EXIF data to IMG_1234.JPG, IMG_1234_proof.JPG and IMG_1234_edited.JPG in the destination directory
3.Please use the option to copy EXIF data to TIFF files with caution. The TIFF file is rewritten as an uncompressed TIFF and any additional information than was held in the original file may be lost.
4.IPTC data is copied with the EXIF data


NOTE: The copying of EXIF data from TIFF files other than Canon EOS 1D raw files is not supported in this version.


Copying EXIF from a single file


It is also possible to copy EXIF data from one file to another. The destination file is the currently displayed file (or the one which has focus in thumbnail mode) and must be either a JPEG or a TIFF. The source file can be a JPEG, TIFF, CRW or THM file.


Select "Copy EXIF data from..." from the "Tools" menu to copy EXIF data from another image to the current image. A file browser will be displayed to select the source file and when a suitable file has been selected you will be presented with a confirmation dialog.


Please use this feature with caution because the EXIF data in the current file will be overwritten and the operation cannot be undone.