Image Magnifier

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Use the image magnifier to magnify an image displayed in main view or filmstrip view. The magnifier can be displayed by selecting "Magnifier" from the View menu. A floating window will appear next to the mouse cursor showing an enlarged view of the area under the cursor.




The magnifier can be turned off by deselecting it from the View menu, by pressing the Esc key or by switching view mode or displaying a different image. The size of the magnifier window can be specified in Preferences.

The magnifier defaults to 1x magnification. This can be increased to 2x, 3x or 4x by typing Ctrl+cursor up and decreased down again by typing Ctrl+cursor down.


Please note

There may be a short delay while the full size image is loaded before the magnifier window is displayed.

The magnifier displays the preview image embedded in raw files when used to view a raw file and this may be smaller than the converted image e.g. the preview image in Canon EOS 20D raw files is 1536x1024 pixels whereas the raw data is 3456x2304 pixels. If you shoot in raw+JPEG mode and have setup BreezeBrowser Pro to link the raw and JPEG images (see Preferences) the magnifier will use the JPEG image.