Image Ranking

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Image ranking assigns a numeric rank to an image from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. The ranking order can be changed in preferences so that 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.


The image ranking is displayed as a number in the top right corner of thumbnails and in the Window title bar in the main view. The ranking is also available using the token @ranking@ and this can be used to access the ranking in web galleries, batch rename and in the shooting data and status line displays. The image ranking is stored in a simple text file called ranked_files.txt which is stored in the same folder as the images. This means that it is not possible to use image ranking on read only drives e.g. CDs.


The ranking of an image can be set by right clicking on the image and selecting "Image ranking" from the popup menu or by holding the Ctrl key down and pressing 1 to 5 or 0 to remove the ranking. Image rankings can be set in the main, thumbnail and filmstrip views plus slideshow and the image comparison window. In slideshow the ranking can be set by pressing the number keys 0 to 5 (without pressing the Ctrl key). The slideshow caption text needs to be edited to include something like "Ranking=@ranking@" in order to display the ranking.


Images can be sorted according to their ranking by clicking on the "View" menu followed by "Image Order" and selecting "Sort by Ranking". The image ranking is retained if images are copied or moved to other folders using BreezeBrowser Pro.


Images can be added to the current selection according to their ranking in thumbnail and filmstrip view by typing Ctrl+Alt+1 through to Ctrl+Alt+5. This gives great flexibility in selecting ranked images when combined with the other keyboard shortcuts.


Select only images ranked 1: Type Ctrl+N (select none) followed by Ctrl+Alt+1 (add images ranked 1 to selection)

Add images ranked 3 to the current selection: Type Ctrl+Alt+3 (add images ranked 3 to selection)

Remove images ranked 2 from current selection: Type Ctrl+I (invert selection) followed by Ctrl+Alt+2 (add images ranked 2 to selection) then Ctrl+I (invert selection)


BreezeBrowser Pro stores the ranking information in a simple text file called ranked_files.txt in the same directory as the images. It can also optionally store the ranking information in the IPTC Urgency field of image files that support IPTC data (please see preferences for details).


Compatibility with Adobe Ratings (used by Adobe Lightroom and Bridge/Photoshop)

Adobe Bridge image ratings can be copied into BreezeBrowser Pro by selecting File->Rankings->Import Adobe Ratings.

BreezeBrowser Pro rankings can also be copied to the XMP data in images where they can be read by Adobe Bridge. To do this select File->Image Rankings->Export Rankings to Adobe Ratings. Please note that it may take several minutes for Adobe Bridge to update its display after the rankings have been copied.


BreezeBrowser Pro can also automatically update the Adobe rating when changing the image ranking. To enable this select the option to "Also store ranking as Adobe rating if image supports XMP data" in preferences. The Adobe rating and label information can be displayed in BreezeBrowser Pro's thumbnail views by setting the thumbnail shooting data display settings.