Rotating images

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Click on the '-' button with the red arrow to rotate the image anti-clockwise and the '+' button with the green arrow to rotate clockwise. All images are rotated without loss of picture data and all EXIF information is preserved. This includes JPEG images and the small JPEG thumbnails embedded in the EXIF data of some images.


You can also rotate images by pressing the Ctrl key and using the mouse wheel, the keyboard cursor keys or clicking on the rotate buttons in the toolbar.




1.If you have a large number of images to rotate you can rotate them all in one go using the Thumbnail View.
2.TIFFs are rotated by reading in the image data, rotating it and writing it back as an uncompressed TIFF even if the original image was compressed. Any EXIF data in the TIFF file will be preserved where possible, but additional information may be lost.
3.The rotation of PSD, PNG and JPEG 2000 images is not supported in this version