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Tags are a way of marking files in a more permanent way than just selecting them in the thumbnail view. The list of tagged files is automatically saved when BreezeBrowser Pro exits (or a new directory is loaded) and are restored next time the directory is browsed.


Tags are automatically saved in a file called "tagged_files.txt" in the same directory as the images and are restored next time the directory is browsed (this only works on read/write drives and won't work on CDs). Use the "Edit" menu to tag the currently selected files or to select the currently tagged files.


The list of tagged images can also be saved to a separate file by selecting "Save Tags..." from the "File" menu. This will save the full pathname of each tagged image (i.e. drive, directory and filename) to a simple text file. Previously saved lists of tagged images can be loaded by selecting "Load Tags..." or "Merge Tags..." from the "File" menu. The tags will be removed from any currently tagged image and new tags added for each image listed in the tag file.


Tags can also be loaded by dragging a file with a .txt of .tag extension and dropping it on the BreezeBrowser Pro window. A dialog will be displayed asking you whether you wish to replace the existing tags with the ones listed in the file being dropped.


NOTE: Only the filename is checked when loading a list of tags. This is to allow lists of tagged files to work even if the directory has been moved.