Transferring images from your camera

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BreezeBrowser Pro cannot read images directly from your camera and so it is necessary to transfer them to your computer's hard disk first. This can be done either by downloading the images from the camera via the USB cable or by using a card reader (either USB or FireWire). Our Downloader Pro application has been designed to download images quickly and simply from Canon cameras or using a card reader with any DCF compliant camera.


Downloader Pro and BreezeBrowser Pro have been designed to work together but you don't need Downloader Pro in order to run BreezeBrowser Pro. When Downloader Pro is installed on your system the "File" menu in BreezeBrowser Pro has the option "Download files..." added. When this option is selected Downloader Pro is refreshed if it is already running or started up if it is not running. Downloader Pro can be set up to automatically download files from your camera or card reader, delete them from the CF card and then launch BreezeBrowser Pro to view them. If BreezeBrowser Pro is already running Downloader Pro will make the BreezeBrowser Pro window visible and display the downloaded files. If BreezeBrowser Pro is busy Downloader Pro will ask you whether you want to run another copy of BreezeBrowser Pro to view the files.


Downloader Pro can be downloaded from