Using tags

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One of the display options in slideshow is "View tagged images only" and this can be very useful for selecting the best images from a shoot e.g. selecting 100 images for a preview album from a raw take of 1000 images from a wedding.


To start the selection process first switch to one of the thumbnail views, select and tag all the images, enter the slideshow, pause it and select the "View tagged images only" option. This may sound complicated but can be selected very quickly by typing the following sequence:







Now use the cursor left and right keys to step through the images. Reject unwanted images by using the cursor down key to untag the image. The image will be automatically removed from the slideshow and the number of images remaining will be displayed in the caption. Quickly step through the images using the left and right keys removing the obvious rejects using the cursor down key. If an image is accidentally rejected and it can be reinstated by typing Ctrl+Z to undo the untagging.


When you've finished press the Esc key to exit the slideshow and all the "keepers" will be tagged ready for the next step in your workflow. Press F6 to select only the tagged images ready for the next operation.