Camera settings dialog

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Select "Camera Settings" from the file menu when connected to Canon EOS cameras and older Canon PowerShot cameras to display the "Camera Settings" dialog:




This dialog shows information about the camera and allows you to synchronize the camera's internal clock with your PC's clock and set the Canon camera owner string. Recent Canon EOS camera models such as Canon EOS 50D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II also support the setting of the artist and copyright fields. These fields will not be shown if the camera does not support them.


Please note: It may not be possible to sychronize all Canon cameras with the PC's clock to the exact second but it is possible for it to be no more than one second out of sync.


Select "Automatically synchronize clock when camera is connected" if you would like Downloader Pro to automatically synchronize the camera's clock to the PC's time each time it connects to the camera.