Command line switches

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Downloader Pro recognizes the following switches on the command line:


/d "str"                specify a new directory format string        

/f "str"                specify a new file format string        

/j "str"                specify a job code string

/p "str"                specify user profile to load at startup

/s n                specify a new image source - 0=auto, 1=camera, 2=cardreader        


This is useful if you want to create several desktop shortcuts to run different ways e.g. you may share a camera and want to download images to different locations. You could create two desktop shortcuts and add the command line switches below:


Shortcut 1: /d "D:\Johns photos\{d}"


Shortcut 2: /d "D:\Marys photos\{d}"


When you launch Downloader Pro using shortcut 1 the download directory will be set to "D:\Johns Photos" + the date the photos were taken.


Please note: When using the /p option to load a user profile any other command line options should be placed after /p otherwise they will be ignored.

e.g. use:

/p "Johns profile" /d "D:\Johns photos\{d}"


/d "D:\Johns photos\{d}" /p "Johns profile"