Copying files already on your hard disk

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You can use Downloader's renaming, IPTC and plug-in features on images already downloaded to your hard disk. To do this first run Downloader and then either select "Open source directory..." from the File menu or drag and drop the source folder onto the Downloader window. A prompt will be displayed asking you whether you wish to use the folder as the image source. If you answer yes Downloader will scan the dropped folder and all it's sub folders for known image types. You cannot drag and drop a whole drive in this way, the folder must be a subfolder. Downloader will not allow you to download or delete any files if the download path is the same as or is a subfolder of the source folder e.g. you can't download from D:\Photos to D:\Photos\Copy.


WARNING: Please use this function with care and do not delete any source images until you are sure they have been copied correctly.