Directory maker

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This plug-in is designed to help create a directory structure to support your workflow. As images are downloaded the plug-in creates empty directories relative to the download directory. For example suppose images are downloaded to the directory D:\Photos and you wish to create a directory for images which require more work called "working", a directory for finished images called "edited" and a directory for images prepared for web pages called "web". You can do this using the directory maker plug-in as shown below:




Alternatively you may prefer to download your images to a directory named "originals" and have the additional directories at the same level. This can be done be prefixing the directory names with "..\" (".." is a way of specifying the parent directory).


e.g. Files are downloaded to the a new download directory for each day by specifying "D:\Photos\{Y}-{m}-{D}\originals" in the Download Path preferences.

In the Directory maker plug-in setup page the following directories might be specified:




This would result in the following directory structure after downloading images on April 21, 2004:




The images would be downloaded to D:\Photos\2004-04-21\originals and the empty directories edited, web and working would be created ready for processing the images.