Entering the subject or Job Code

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Often all the pictures being downloaded are of the same subject (e.g. a birthday or a holiday) and it is useful to include this in the download path. This can be done using the "Job Code". To do this run Downloader Pro and select "Preferences" from the "File" menu. Then edit the download path to include the {J} token and select the "Prompt for Job code every time Downloader is run" as shown in the example below:




Now every time Downloader Pro is run you will be prompted to enter the job code (or subject) and the download directory will have this appended to its name. For example you've just been skiing and so you might enter "Skiing" for the job code so that all the photos are downloaded into the directory:

"D:\Photos\2006\2006-11-21 Skiing"


You can also enter different job codes for photos taken on different days. To do this first display the image date selector by selecting it from the View menu. Then right click on the required date, select "Edit job code..." and enter the job code. Downloader Pro can store the job codes for the last 60 days (see General Preferences) which is useful if several memory cards were used for a vacation or event.



Downloader Pro's main view with large thumbnails displayed and different job codes for photos taken on different days