IPTC/XMP data entry

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IPTC/XMP data is a method of storing textual information in images such as location, keywords, copyright information and captions. Downloader Pro can automatically add this information to images as they are downloaded. This is a big time saver for professional photographers who need to enter IPTC data before submitting images to newspapers and magazines but is also useful to other photographers who wish to record location and other information in their images.


Downloader Pro supports the current Adobe XMP format for storing IPTC data which either stores the data in the image file (e.g. for JPEGs and TIFFs) or uses an XMP sidecar file (e.g. for raw files). Downloader Pro can also optionally store a subset of the IPTC data in the older IPTC IIM format.


See the IPTC/XMP data page for details.