PSRemote and the D-Flector from Sharpics

The D-Flector is a tabletop photo studio that contains a unique reflective material that's virtually invisible when photographed with flash. Previously, this effect took hours of photo editing to achieve but now can be done in minutes. This is the same effect that is widely used in catalogs, publications, advertising materials and web pages. The D-Flector and PSRemote software is perfect for this application. Photographing products couldn’t be easier. Why fiddle around with complicated dials, buttons and switches on your digital camera when you can view and adjust all the settings on your computer screen? The PSRemote software gives you the ability to adjust and control;


Your computer becomes a live viewfinder so you can instantly view the shot and the results.  You can’t get this detail from your camera’s LCD screen.  You don’t even need a media card.  Images can be downloaded directly to your hard disk.  Select the size and quality to capture images for immediate use including a new size for websites or auction listings.  If any post processing is needed you can open the captured image with your favorite photo editor in a click of a button.  The PSRemote and DSLR Remote Pro software work with Canon PowerShot series and EOS cameras respectively.  Together with the Sharpics’ D-Flector, it becomes a very powerful tool for tabletop product photography.  What better way for photographers at any level to produce catalog-quality results fast and easy.







Jeffrey Mazon

Founder, Sharpics Inc.